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Changes nxcEditor 0.4.7 (Gambas 3.5.x)
  • nxcEditor: reading file "boards.txt" (Arduino) fixed
nxcEditor 0.4.6 (Gambas 3.5.x)
  • nxcEditor: Arduino-Examples now are working if ""-File is missing"
  • nxcEditor: added spanish translation (Mario E. Morena)
  • nxcSimulator: added spanish translation (Mario E. Morena)
nxcEditor 0.4.5 (Gambas 3.5.x)
  • nxcEditor: fixed some bugs
  • nxcSimulator: fixed some bugs
nxcEditor 0.4.4 (Gambas 3.5.x)
  • nxcEditor: fixed bugs
  • nxcEditor: added archiving and backup functions
  • nxcEditor: support for EV3 (C and Python if using ev3dev) and some Arduino boards added
  • nxcSimulator: added some functions
nxcEditor 0.1.6 (Gambas 3.5.x)
  • nxcEditor: fixed some bugs (Auto-layout function now works with switch ... case, ...)
  • BrickPi: programs can be started automatically with lxterminal (important for keyboard input)
  • nxcSimulator: Sin and Cos function have been added
nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.1.2 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • includes nxcEditor 0.1.5
  • includes NeXTTools (from – password: „toor”
  • based on openSUSE 13.1
  • look at nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.0.32 for more
nxcEditor 0.1.5 (Gambas 3.5.x)
  • nxcEditor: fixed some bugs (compile button, button to start the nxcSimulator, ...)
  • nxcEditor: an Auto-layout function has been added
  • nxcEditor: the editor now supports the programming of a BrickPi robot over the network and directly on the Raspberry Pi (switch between NXT and BrickPi: Robot -> Select robot)
nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.1.1 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • includes nxcEditor 0.1.4
  • includes NeXTTools (from – password: „toor”
  • based on openSUSE 13.1
  • look at nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.0.32 for more
nxcEditor 0.1.4 (Gambas 3.5.x)
  • nxcEditor: Code assist added ("View -> Code assist")Code-assist
  • nxcEditor: "Help -> NXC-Programmer's Guide (www)" added and "Help -> Show NXC-commands" changed
  • nxcEditor: many commands and parameters for highlighting have been added, including the API "HTSMUX-driver.h" considered by Xander Soldaat for the HiTechnic Sensor Multiplexer
  • nxcSimulator: the simulator can already be used after step a) of the installation instructions
  • nxcEditor: nbc and nexttools (see downloads) are now directly included
  • nxcEditor: fixed some bugs
nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.1.0 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • includes nxcEditor 0.1.3
  • includes NeXTTools (from – password: „toor”
  • based on openSUSE 12.3
  • look at nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.0.32 for more
nxcEditor 0.1.3 (Gambas 3.4.x)
  • nxcEditor: fixed some bugs
nxcEditor 0.1.2 (Gambas 3.4.x)
  • nxcEditor: "search and replace" added and fixed some bugs
  • nxcEditor: now a summary of the project can be shown (View-> Project) - a mouse click on the item moves the cursor to the appropriate location in the program Project

  • nxcSimulator: switch ... case, function calls ... return, one-dimensional array without ArrayInit added and fixed some bugs (eg "i++", negation with "!" ...)
  • nxcSimulator: for-loop added, TextOut and NumOut now work with x- and y-coordinates (Multiples of 6 and 8), fixed some bugs
  • nxcEditor/nxcSimulator: the editor and the simulator can be translated into other languages without any programming skills (instruction see: "Support -> Help -> Translate French")
  • nxcEditor: now it's possible to connect two NXT Bricks simultaneously Two NXT Bricks
nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.0.33
  • includes nxcEditor 0.1.1
  • look at nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.0.32 for more
nxcEditor 0.1.1 (Gambas 3.3.x)
  • nxcSimulator: Off function corrected
  • nxcEditor: bug in printing function fixed
  • nxcEditor: bug in HTML export fixed
  • nxcEditor: example code updated – now it's possible to use every example of the book with ISBN-10: 3941841858
nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.0.32
  • includes nxcEditor 0.1.0
  • based on openSUSE 12.2
  • driver for VMware Player included
  • use the Live-Installer of the CD-Image for installation (use the nxcEditor immediately)
  • VMDK-IMAGE with VMware Player: use immediately with VMware Player (use the latest version from For better performance you can install the latest VMware Tools
  • VMDK-IMAGE with VirtualBox: inside VirtualBox you have to create a new machine (use the vmdk disk). Install the Extension Pack and the drivers from the guest additions (use the latest version from Activate the 3D and the PAE support. Known bug (I think it is the VirtualBox graphic driver): the OpenGL area of the Simulation is always in front and hides everything that should be in front.
  • VMDK-IMAGE: you have to start the automatic configuration of the soundcard with YaST
  • the network is disabled – enable with YaST
nxcEditor 0.1.0 (Gambas 3.3.x)
  • nxcSimulator: two arenas added (labyrinth and one for the Compass Sensor)
  • nxcSimulator: default settings for framerate added (nxcSimualtor -> help -> Correct display-bugs) use for example inside VMware Player or VirtualBox (40 is a good value)
  • nxcSimulator: structure to save settings changed
  • nxcEditor: now it is possible to print a program (color/black and white)
  • nxcEditor: HTML export added (color)
  • fixed some little bugs
  • translation (a little change)
nxcLinux – LINUX-IMAGES 0.0.31
  • includes nxcEditor 0.0.98
  • the default language is English
  • during the boot process is a selection for the keyboard layout (if you can't press “Next“ for the selection then press “alt + N“)
nxcEditor 0.0.99 (Gambas 3.2.1 and later versions)
  • nxcSimulator: Sound Sensor now works with every port
  • Gambas3: since Gambas 3.2.1 the OpenGL syntax changes
  • translation (a little change)
nxcEditor 0.0.98 (up to Gambas 3.1.1)
  • nxcSimulator: Color Sensor and Compass Sensor (hitechnic) added
  • nxcSimulator: two arenas for the Color Sensor added and one arena with RoboCup-Rescue-competition-lines
  • nxcSimulator: now there is a different startposition for the robot in every arena
  • nxcSimulator: choose between six different robots
  • nxcSimulator: the default robot and the default background can now be selected
  • fixed bug: now the startposition for the robot will be calculated correctly (zoom/saved projects/...)
nxcEditor 0.0.97
  • the nxcEditor can now handle multiple programs simultaneously
  • indent and unindent added to the nxcEditor
  • nxcSimulator: settings for the lightsensor added (thanks to Alexander Kolotov for testing - look at his video on youtube)
  • some missing translations added
  • the default language is English now
nxcEditor 0.0.96
  • fixed crash while closing the nxcSimulator window during running NXC-program
  • every window is now persistant – so the RAM is used better
  • new background for the nxcSimulator added
  • translation (a little change)